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The moon is good to us but are we good to it?

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Picture of space

The Universe my Dwelling Place and the Stars my Destination

Do we think differently about the moon now?  I find myself wondering if our concepts of space change as we touch it; as if tangibility changed the cosmos to something banal and ordinary.  Perhaps when Neil Armstrong set his feet on celestial ground the sky became duller and we looked upward lacking motivation.  The implications of this make me wonder about long term space colonization.  After all, my generation has seen the death throes of the American space program.


I imagine people scattered like bugs, small ships making contact with planets, building up civilization and sending more out.  We could become the beneficial bacteria of the cosmos, spreading and cultivating until we become untouchable.  My fear – as we do so those rocks on which we step fall to decay beneath our feet.  Imagine planets abandoned and forgotten as society advances.  Instead of beneficial bacteria we become blight, a virus.


From this small gemological perspective we can see ourselves as the conquistadors of a grim future – full of chaos and despair or the rulers of a galaxy which can be tended and cherished for its beauty.  Looking at the moon I see the reflection of humanity and wonder if its empty shell hasn’t been polluted by the twelve men who set food on it or if we won’t eventually return to our hopes of colonizing the lunar surface.  Does the known rob us of the motivation for greatness?  What do you think?


Our Heavenwards Guide

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The stars that guide you

Look to the heaven and see the future.

Whenever the future seems dismal I look up to the star’s and see the future of mankind.  The greatest gift science-fiction gives us is the ability to plot our course into the future while remaining earthbound.  From this position we become the dreamers of all things terrible and great – plotting our course through great civilizations full of aliens or dystopia’s where humanity is left to rot.  Weather your story is a warning or revelry, let it out, my fellow sci-fi writers and dare to dream.


We are forging a future where we have weighed the possibility of mankind from the position of the dreamer down on earth.  The best thing about being human is that these dreams can come true.  The Star Trek communicator is now a cellphone.  Cars are powered off hydrogen.  Things long though to be the dreams of science-fiction are coming true, so use the power of your fiction to make a landscape that grows the best of humanity.