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Recommendation for a good Fan Fiction: Come To Me by Angel of Mystery 145

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One of my big guilty pleasures is Phantom of the Opera based stories.  The Phantom of the Opera was the first ‘grown up’ novel I read as a child and since then I have been obsessed.  I’ll spare you a long diatribe about why the Christine’s/Original Characters/Etc of this world are obnoxious, because I think it is the same reason most Fan Fiction characters are not relatable.  Let’s just say that sometimes I get tired of women who can have the knife knocked out of their hand or the women whose personality is the equivalent of a horror character running through the woods in high heeled shoes.

Once in a great while I come across Phan Fiction (Feel free to roll your eyes) that is worth reading.  So while I haven’t finished it yet, I have to give Kudos to the story Come to Me by Angel of Mystery 145.  At first I shied away from this story as the title but her description of Wuthering Heights meets Phantom of the Opera proved to intriguing to pass up.

The story starts out in the Moore’s of England/Scotland.  Christine’s father shows up at their home with a gypsy boy in tow and this delights Christine while annoying her evil cousin who owns the house.  Of course this Gypsy boy is none other but Erik, the Phantom of the Opera, who has spent his young tragic life in traveling circuses due to his deformed face.  Like Cathy and Heathcliff the two form a bond of love that grows stronger with age.  Then one night Erik over hears Christine demeaning him out of frustration, takes her words too seriously, and leaves.  He steals a horse to hasten his escape and is shot down like a bandit on the road.  This sends Christine into hysterics, blaming herself for the death of her lover.  Of course it turns out Erik’s not dead and the story later shifts to focus on their reunion.

The story reads like a Gothic Novel, which I want to give Angle of Mystery 145 a lot of praise for.  While sometimes she admits her writing suffers a little from not having a copy editor, the errors never get in the way of what is going on.  My biggest complaint is that right now I am in the middle of the scenes where Christine is with “The Phantom” and suspects it’s Erik, but can’t prove it.  These seem to be dragging a little bit, but I can see that she is building up to something amazing and possibly very tragic.  It’s not often I would recommend a story that I haven’t read to the end, but I believe the first part of the story is strong enough to justify the time spent reading it.


p.s. I want to thank M.S. Paint for the picture above.