Genocide and the Will to Write

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This is a picture of a pencil, because I’m writing about writing, har!


I’ve been having trouble writing recently.  I sit down and a million distractions get in the way.  Pushing through has been proving to be hard.  This seems to be a theme with everything right now, I’m not eating like I should and exercise is next to not at all.  Maybe it’s the season.  Either way inspiration seems to be hiding for now


I’ve decided to start rewriting Long Shadows Made Short so that it reads better.  I’m a better writer and it needs some fixing.  I’m never going to give up on it, not until it’s right.  I also have a book I’m working on in my head that’s based on the Khmer Rouge takeover of Cambodia during the 70’s, but in a future sci-fi setting.


In reading over some of my other stories, someone once asked me if I really thought Genocide could happen to humanity again.  I reminded them that it’s never really stopped.  Even after Europe and America discovered what Hitler did, Stalin and Charmin Mao continued Genocides in their own countries for decades.  The mass killing of our fellow human beings for one stupid reason or another is a theme that keeps repeating and therefore needs exploring.


I believe in Science Fiction as a tool for mankind to explore the best and worst possibilities of humanity and technology.  Within a book or a movie we can see these worlds from a safe distance, reminding ourselves where we need improvement and most importantly, where we are great.


Right now I’m really just lacking motivation to write.  I know at some point I’ll put my fingers on the keyboard and drift away.  It feels a lot like listening to a Rush song or a moment of pure bliss.  Hopefully it happens soon. 

What do you guys do when you feel a blockage?  Take more writing fiber? 

What are your thoughts on Genocide and war crimes?  Should novels focus on the good and forget the bad or is horror a part of human life that can exist in media safely…teaching us lessons we can stop teaching ourselves?


2 Responses to “Genocide and the Will to Write”

  1. Sometimes if I am having problems writing, I’ll brainstorm for another project just to get the creative juices flowing. I have several outlines and most of the time I can pick up my old project with little problem.

    As far as war crimes, it depends on what you want to convey as a writer. I know as a reader, I want to escape reality and not be reminded how much we can all be kicked down.

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