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Idea: Good Life Decision Parties

Posted in Uncategorized on November 17, 2012 by thislegofmine


Why aren’t there Good Life Decision Parties?


We have parties for our birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, events, but we never celebrate the moment someone we care about makes a big change in their life. 


Did your drinky-ass sober up and start going to AA meetings?  Good life decision party. (no booze)


Did you leave your abusive spouse and get counseling?  Good Life decision party.


Stop smoking crack?  Good life decision party!


The amount out parties that could be held for “good life decisions,” are endless.  They help us celebrate the things we do right in life, rather than holding off on congregations of supportive loved ones for rare events like weddings etc. 


I feel like for a Good Life Decision party to be successful, it should be a surprise.  The life decided should show up at their house or a bar (but not if it’s a sobriety party), and be like “holy crap I did something right and people noticed.”


This would encourage people to keep doing things right.  The people you love came together and celebrated a deeply valuable moment, that should keep you in good-guilt for years.   Plus it gives you permission to say “I did something right,” and gives you a visual reminder of the people who matter.  I mean fix yourself for you, not for a party, or your loved ones but sometimes having people gather around to pat you on the back can make a big difference.