Things to do in Austin while you’re sick

My partner had work in Austin this weekend so I tagged along.  My goal was to visit friends and have a few days off before the stress of our wedding.  Unfortunately something I ate disagreed with this plan.


So I spent 2 nights in Austin laying in my hotel room reading and watching TV.  I really enjoyed Dawn by Octavia Butler and really want to read the rest of the series.  She is brilliant.  Every time I read one of her novels i’m engrossed in a world so much colorful than the one we live in.  It’s like going through withdrawal to finish it.  


I also watched Season 5 of Mad Men and I have to say… Better than Season 4 and I continue to be impressed with how well written it is.  The show captures how mundane and banal evil can become.  

One Response to “Things to do in Austin while you’re sick”

  1. I LOVE Octavia!! I’m pretty sure I own that trilogy. Remind me what Dawn was about? Lilith, right?

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