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Dystopian Future: Richard Speck and Gillette Venus Razor Adds

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I’m watching this video on Richard Speck
In 1966 he trapped 9 nursing students in a dorm room, raped, and brutally murdered all but one of them.

Because of the “target advertisting” I’m watching this video….and it’s being interlaced with adds for women’s shoes/gillette shaving creme…Featuring female reality TV star’s bouncing around on a bed…
Seems poetic.


Think about it on the most fundamental level.  Pretty, reality TV stars dancing around, offering “shaving tips” so you can drag a bright pink razor across your skin.  Think about Richard Speck’s video of himself in prison, fake breasts, snorting cocaine, talking about how he loves it there.


We love it here.


I hate it here.



Things to do in Austin while you’re sick

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My partner had work in Austin this weekend so I tagged along.  My goal was to visit friends and have a few days off before the stress of our wedding.  Unfortunately something I ate disagreed with this plan.


So I spent 2 nights in Austin laying in my hotel room reading and watching TV.  I really enjoyed Dawn by Octavia Butler and really want to read the rest of the series.  She is brilliant.  Every time I read one of her novels i’m engrossed in a world so much colorful than the one we live in.  It’s like going through withdrawal to finish it.  


I also watched Season 5 of Mad Men and I have to say… Better than Season 4 and I continue to be impressed with how well written it is.  The show captures how mundane and banal evil can become.