Pseudo Update: Fun Video Series Hunting Thylacine


A fellow I know is working with a zoologist to hunt for a reportedly extinct mammal.  This animal is called the Thylacine and the last documented creature was captured in the 1930’s.  The Thylacine was unique in that it was a carnivorous Marsupial and looked a little bit like a cross between a Hyena and a Tiger.  While no evidence of living Thylacine’s has been produced in recent times, several people still believe they are alive, and Tasmanian folk artist and animal rehabber Bill Flowers is determined to find one.

Here is a video recently produced by Bill and his zoologist friend Chris about Tasmanian animals that are sometimes mistaken for the Thylacine.  Bill even admits at one point he mistook his own grey stripped moggie (Australian for house cat) as a Thylacine.  In future updates they will be posting footage of their exploits into the Tasmanian wildlife to look for the Thylacine.  So if you’re a fan of nature shows or cryptozoology you might enjoy watching this free Youtube series.  Happy camera hunting guys!

3 Responses to “Pseudo Update: Fun Video Series Hunting Thylacine”

  1. I hope they do find it. I’ve heard about this animal before but they called it something else, that I can’t recall, a nickname I think. 🙂

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