Ebooks, Monsters, and Misinformation

Like anything else that involves making money, searching for information on E-book publishing is a pain in the backside.  I’m mostly getting blogs of people promoting themselves and links to buy E-books about making E-books.   Most of this information hasn’t been very helpful so far.  Right now I’m having one of those moments where I feel like someone should sit me down and say something like, “Listen dumbass, this is how you do it.”  Sadly it is rare to find people who are willing to help you not look stupid.

Apparently a lot of E-book writers think you should offer your first E-book for free to get people hooked on your story.  Part of me screams in terror at this idea.  I work hard so I want some pay off right?  I forget that people aren’t going to magically feel my writing is awesome and that I’m going to have to win over my fans.  Guys, I’ll buy you a beer if you leave me an Amazon review!  (Please don’t hold me to this.)  In all seriousness I’m going to consider leaving my book free for one to several months to see what happens.

Part of my willingness to do this is because the book I’m putting up for sale online is a fan-fiction I am rewriting.  It was always reviewed well.  I don’t think my changes are hard to understand either, but later I might have an editor sit me down and tell me, “Listen dumbass…”  This is why good editors are amazing people who deserve lots of free beer and your money if you can pay them.

My next big hurdle is a cover.  Part of me wants to use some of my college art class skills to make my own, but I should probably accept reality as what it is and pay someone who knows what they are doing.  Looking at the prices for E-Book covers, by competent people, I think I’m going to resort to begging and kissing the foot of a hobbyist friend who can do magical things with a Wacom tablet.  If she says no I’ll bust out some crayons and embarrass myself.

One Response to “Ebooks, Monsters, and Misinformation”

  1. That is just one of many promo ideas. Only do what you think is comfortable. Check out http://www.goodreads.com. There are some indie writers there that can help. Look for “Connections” in the groups and you’ll be all set. 🙂

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